Welcome to the Metheny Handmade Knives website. We are based in Spotsylvania, Virginia (near Fredericksburg). I started making knives as a hobby in 1991 primarily just to see if I could create a quality and useful product that my friends and family would consider spending their hard-earned cash to possess. Truth be known, the knives and sheaths that come from my shop are much better than I ever imagined; look closely and you will undoubtedly find a flaw here and there, but overall I would consider them a better-than-average product. As previously stated, knife making is only a hobby with me; my goal is to make/sell enough knives to satisfy my personal feeling of accomplishment and to support two other personal vices, golf and Weatherby Rifles!!! I'm afraid that if I were forced into making knives as a profession and primary source of income, I would lose my enthusiasm.

Historically, I have produced approximately 10-15 knives per year many of which have been given as gifts to family and friends. Knives have been sold locally to friends and colleagues or at knife/craft shows in and around Virginia. However, after a few years the local sales market slowly dries up and a website seems the next logical step, so, here it is!


Details and prices for all knives currently for sale are up!